Support when you need it with HERConnection

Going through breast cancer can be overwhelming, and sometimes it can feel hard to keep up. HERConnection is a free support program that was designed specifically for people with HER2+ breast cancer who are on KADCYLA. When you sign up, you’ll get information and resources that can help educate and empower you throughout your treatment journey.

What you'll receive when you sign up

Whether you’re on KADCYLA for early breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer, we have information and resources for you. Since everyone’s treatment journey is a little different, the materials you receive are customized based on your specific treatment course.

Information for your treatment journey

Get information about KADCYLA, including how it was studied and what you may experience during treatment. Plus, learn about ways to support a healthy lifestyle, financial assistance options, and support groups you can tap into.

Resources for a healthy lifestyle

Stay on top of your health with materials that may include a treatment journal, a water bottle, and Eating Well Through Cancer—a cookbook specifically for patients and caregivers.

Remember, your doctor and your healthcare team are your primary sources of information. Only they can give you medical advice about your disease and treatment. The HERConnection program is specifically designed for patients undergoing treatment for HER2+ breast cancer.