How KADCYLA is given in early breast cancer

Like many cancer medicines, KADCYLA is given as an intravenous (IV) infusion in your doctor’s office, at a hospital, or at an infusion center.

For HER2+ early breast cancer, KADCYLA is given every 3 weeks for 14 rounds of infusion—sometimes called "cycles"—unless the cancer comes back or side effects cause the treatment to be stopped sooner. Treatment with KADCYLA typically would last less than a year.

Before you start taking KADCYLA:

  • Talk with your doctor about any other medical conditions you have. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, nursing, or plan on getting pregnant
  • Always tell your doctor about any medicines you are taking. Be sure to include over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements

Getting the infusion

After each infusion, your healthcare team will take some extra time to watch how you respond to treatment. If side effects occur, they may adjust, delay, or stop your treatment.

What if I miss an infusion?

If you miss a dose of KADCYLA, DO NOT WAIT until your next 3-week cycle of treatment. Contact your doctor or nurse right away and work with them to reschedule the treatment you missed.

Talking to your doctor

Need help starting the conversation? Get a list of questions to ask your doctor before and during treatment with KADCYLA.

Download Patient Brochure

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