How KADCYLA was studied

EMILIA trial results

Summary of adverse reactions

MBC dosing for patients on KADCYLA

7 years ago, KADCYLA began as the first ADC in HER2+ breast cancer5

Today, a HER2+ treatment used in more than 127,000 patients across indications*†3

The first treatment to include Herceptin® (trastuzumab) as part of a HER2-targeted ADC1,5

*Patients treated is based on the PBRER report of patient exposure, which was calculated based on the global total milligram volume sales divided by the average dose per patient per year, based on US and global approved indications.

For each indication, average dose per patient per year was based on average patient weight (sourced from internal data sources, varies by region) multiplied by the dosing requirement (e.g. 3.6 mg/kg for KADCYLA). Average duration of therapy and compliance were then taken into consideration. Assumptions for compliance and average duration of therapy were based on internal documents. Some dose interruptions may have been accounted for per clinician discretion. Lastly, the final average dose per patient is calculated based on a weighted average of all the approved indications.

Assumption of patient exposures from PBRER report may not necessarily correspond to a unique patient.

First approved in metastatic breast cancer.

ADC=antibody-drug conjugate; PBRER=Periodic Benefit-Risk Evaluation Report.